Quantum Healing Hypnosis is Past Life Regression, though it is much more than Past Life Regression. Let me explain.

Sunny Way In Tree TunnelPast Life Regression requires an understanding of reincarnation and Quantum Healing Hypnosis requires an understanding of Past Life Regression. The concept of reincarnation is an old one, and the basic idea is that we live many lives throughout the lifetime of our soul. When the physical body dies, part of us, the soul, continues on. Each life has a purpose, a lesson, and if you do not get it this time, you will have another opportunity to do so, another life.

Once we learn all of the lessons, it is no longer necessary to return to the physical world, we graduate from the cycle of reincarnation and our souls moves on to other opportunities for growth in a different way. If you are reading this, then you are still in this cycle of reincarnation, and one way to discover more about your life as a soul is to explore other times you have lived, your past lives.

By exploring mistakes we have made before in other lives, we are able to sidestep the challenges we have faced before and move forward. We can release anything we have brought with us from other lives as well as access knowledge, understanding, gifts, talents and abilities we had in other lives and bring them into our current life. IN other words we can let go of what we don’t need, what may be holding us back, and bring forward that which will benefit us at this time, in our current life.

So I mentioned that Quantum Healing Hypnosis is Past Life Regression, where does this fit into the equation? Well, Past Life Regression is part of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis session, it’s where we start on our journey. Although she has been using this process and teaching it for many years, the term Quantum Healing Hypnosis has only recently been mentioned as the name for Dolores Cannon’s brand of Past Life Regression. In the past she called it Past Life Regression Therapy, but since it embodies more than Past Life Regression, she decided to begin using the phrase Quantum Healing Hypnosis.

Although healing is nothing new when it comes to Past Life Regression, and the processes Dolores Cannon uses to access healing are not entirely new, she does add an interesting twist to this process. One point that is important to understand is that this is not only about physical healing, it is about physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual healing. The other point is that the therapist is not the one doing the healing.

Many people use a variety of modalities to accomplish healing and many of them call themselves a healer. The fact is that the healing comes from within the person as well as from spirit, the so called “healer” is merely a vessel to allow spirit to connect with their client or to allow the client to open their own doors within and access their own inner healer. For this reason, I make sure that my clients understand that I am not the healer, I work with them to facilitate the healing in the most appropriate way possible. I also like my clients to understand that Quantum Healing Hypnosis is Past Life Regression, because the name Quantum Healing Hypnosis can be confusing if you do not understand exactly what it is.

The tools I use are Past Life Regression, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Life Between Lives and Alchemical Hypnotherapy. These are all powerful tools in and of themselves, though I often use a combination of these different modalities to enhance the experience of my client and allow them to gain the most benefit from my work with them.

Please visit my primary website where you will discover more about my statement that Quantum Healing Hypnosis is Past Life Regression. You will also find additional information about Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression and how all of these modalities can assist you in the most appropriate way possible.