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Dolores Cannon changed the name of the Past Life Regression Therapy that she teaches the world over. Now she likes to call it Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. This type of session usually involves experiencing one or more past lifetimes, then there’s an opportunity get answers to questions. Individuals who make the decision to come in for one of these sessions bring a list of challenges with them because they want to have them answered as a part of their session. Some people call this Past Life Regression with Spirit Guides, but Quantum Healing Hypnosis is much more than that.

Past Life Regression with Spirit GuidesWhenever people learn they will have a chance to receive guidance, frequently they will inquire about exactly who specifically who will answer their questions, and that’s the fantastic part. Dolores uses the word subconscious and she states that may possibly be the higher self, the higher consciousness or the oversoul, and that’s so large, so vast, it has got the solutions to everything. Oftentimes guides or angels will be available to actually answer questions or perhaps groups of spirit masters much like the ones Brian Weiss talked about in his book, Many Lives, Many Masters. One question that I typically ask myself involves trying to discover just who is actually answering the inquiries.

Every single Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session is different. As a matter of fact some people do not really even go to a past life, instead they go right to subconscious, where responses to their inquiries are usually totally available. In cases like this the very first question I bring up is why didn’t this client visit a past life. The response might well be that they don’t have to go to visit a past life at this time, or they are actually a new soul and this may well be their first incarnation. Of course there are other scenarios as well. For individuals who do start by experiencing a past life, one of the most important questions I ask is why did you share that life with them.

Past Life Regression with Spirit Guides

While many individuals do get to check out a past life as a part of the experience, other clients proceed directly to subconscious without exploring a past life 1st. This is one of the things which makes each Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session unique. For individuals who visit a previous life first, I will likely ask the reason why subconscious showed them that lifetime. If you do not ever go to a past lifetime first, I will be sure to ask why. There are lots of reasons this could happen, maybe you will find out in your own session.

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